We are very excited to announce that the crushing new album 'Endless' by DEPTHS mixed and mastered by Daniel Bergstrand (Dark Funeral, Behemoth, In Flames) is available now for pre-order from our official store and all of your favourite digital retailers including iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Mp3.

'Endless' is DEPTHS third studio album and easily the band's most incredible musical effort to date.

A concept album unlike any other, 'Endless' is the tale of a man's spiritual journey to absolution after suffering a psychological breakdown.

Embarking on a voyage through the Egyptian underworld know as the Duat, he pushes forward to attain the one existential truth of life itself; to find complete understanding.

Split into three stages: Catalyst, Perception and Discovery, each song portrays an individual, life-changing event.

Represented by mythological deities on the way to his eventual rebirth.

Pre-order right now and receive an instant download of 'Apophis' and another brand new track from the album.

Head to our webstore to pick up your copy right now and check out the options including the exclusive deluxe bundle, strictly limited to 10 only which includes a copy of every single DEPTHS release to date.