Artist: Depths
Release: Endless
Street Date: 13 April 2018

Artist: Rich James
Release: Drive ft.NICO (Single) 
Street Date: 28 February 2018

Artist: Scorn of Creation
Release: Scorn of Creation
Street Date: 2 February 2018

Artist: Depths
Release: The Mortal Compass
Street Date: 10 July 2015

Artist: Out Cold A.D.
Release: Forecasts
Street Date: 10 July 2015

Artist: Out Cold A.D.
Release: Life And Death (Single)
Street Date: 6 March 2015

Artist: Saving Grace
Release: The Urgency
Street Date: 21 January 2014

Artist: Bloodsport
Release: Blackest Darkness
Street Date: 6 July 2012

Artist: Saving Grace
Release: The King is Coming
Street Date: 20 February 2012

Artist: Various Artists
Release: Rising From The Rubble
Street Date: 22 August 2011

Artist: The Jury & The Saints
Release: Daydreams
Street Date: 24 January 2011

Artist: The Dauntless
Release: Dauntless (EP)
Street Date: 29 March 2010

Artist: In Dread Response
Release: From The Oceanic Graves
Street Date: 9 February 2009

Artist: Full Nelson
Release: Wash It Away (EP)
Street Date: 19 November 2007

Artist: Saving Grace
Release: Ablaze (Single)
Street Date: 13 December 2013

Artist: Prowler
Release: Enter The Night
Street Date: 13 September 2013

Artist: Perditionist
Release: Forever In Darkness
Street Date: 29 June 2012

Artist: Outsiders
Release: Shallow Graves (EP)
Street Date: 20 February 2012

Artist: In Dread Response
Release: Embers In The Spiritless Void
Street Date: 13 June 2011

Artist: The Dear & Departed
Release: Chapters (EP)
Street Date: 16 August 2010

Artist: The Mark of Man
Release: The Mark of Man
Street Date: 12 July 2010

Artist: Saving Grace
Release: Unbreakable
Street Date: 1 February 2010

Artist: Saving Grace
Release: Behind Enemy Lines
Street Date: 14 April 2008

Artist: Take The Willing
Release: Fight Music
Street Date: 2 July 2007

Artist: Depths
Release: Revelation
Street Date: 26 October 2012

Artist: Depths
Release: Resurgence
Street Date: 12 March 2012

Artist: Will Saunders
Release: Curious Maladies
Street Date: 23 January 2012

Artist: Leeches
Release: Leeches (EP)
Street Date: 13 March 2011

Artist: Every Man For Himself
Release: Te Pae Mahutonga
Street Date: 14 June 2010

Artist: Bad Bride
Release: The First Chapter
Street Date: 9 March 2009

Artist: False Start
Release: Through The Looking Glass
Street Date: 21 July 2008

Artist: False Start
Release: Adore Tu Ser (EP)
Street Date: 30 April 2007